Tina Newman


Tina Newman is a writer, makeup artist, and qualified Animal Nursing Assistant living in Suffolk, England. She shares her home and life with her husband, furry four-legged companion Ted the border terrier, and her two own little super vegans; Lyla and Ada. Tina was born in South East London and lived there until the age of thirty, when she moved to start her new life in the country.

​Tina became a vegetarian at the age of eleven after visiting ‘Hillside Animal Sanctuary’ in Norfolk. After making the connection between the animals she loved so dearly and the food she had been eating, Tina then spent the next twenty-one years as a vegetarian, believing she was no longer contributing to animals’ suffering.

​However, in September 2017 she stumbled across a video entitled ‘This speech is your wakeup call’, on social media. It is by Australian animal rights activist James Aspey and can be seen here:


The speech challenged everything she had previously thought and believed, especially her knowledge and understanding of the dairy and egg industries, and she went vegan overnight.

After spending the next few weeks researching and watching many documentaries on Netflix like ‘What the Health’, ‘Forks over Knives’, and ‘Cowspiracy’, her convictions were now so strong that she went to her first activism event in November 2017 and has been a passionate animal rights activist spreading awareness and helping to educate others ever since.