Seaglass Marvels

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Hi, I’m Adrian from Seaglass Marvels, and I make jewellery from the sea glass I find around the coast of England.

I only use sea glass that has been recycled by the waves & washed up on our beautiful English beaches, creating unique pieces of jewellery from found, natural objects.

If a piece catches my eye I’ll investigate further, deciding whether or not I can work with it and if so, how best to show off its beauty.

I spend up to fifteen hours beach-combing and may only find a few key pieces that I can use. Conversely, I could find a huge stash that will take me a few weeks to sort & grade. I then create a catalogue of useable gems and take it from there to create the one-off pieces that you can see below.

It may interest you to know that there is a grading system for sea glass called the Carter Sea Glass Colour & Rarity Guide, it was created after many years of research by Meg Carter.

You can read more about the guide here: