Pure Wix

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Hi, I’m Karen creator and manufacturer of Pure Wix Candles and Wax Melts.

We are a small independent company that is passionate about candles that set the mood. We handmake, in small batches, beautifully scented luxury eco-candles at an affordable price.

Our candles use EcoSoy waxes and natural fragrances that are not tested on animals.  All products are sustainably sourced and are packaged in recyclable Kraft boxes. The wicks are made from maple wood – which at times burn with a delicate crackling, which adds sound to scent.  None of our products contain paraffin, formaldehyde or heavy metals. Our wicks are not dipped in harmful substances unlike other scented candles on the market. 

Pure Flame for a purer planet.

Our Medium candles burn for a minimum of 30 hours and our Large for 40 hours minimum, and because they are soy they will burn cleanly and evenly, with no soot residue or tunnelling.