Fula Flavour


Fula Flavour is the creation of Hawa, originally from Guinea in West Africa, Hawa moved to these shores bringing with her delicious recipes and new flavours that will truly make your taste buds dance to that African beat.

It all started from missing home and the wonderful chilli sauce she used to have with almost everything when growing up. Unfortunately, once in the UK she could not find anything like it in the market so she had to do something about it!

Hawa started making a sauce for herself at home, then for close family and friends giving them the opportunity to try wonderful West African cuisine. She noticed that every time people tried her food and the hot sauce they absolutely loved it!

Friends started asking her to make the sauce and some of the food when they were having house parties. She was always willing to help out, not only because these were friends, but also because of her love of cooking. It was great to see people falling in love with her hot sauce just like she had as a child!

As more and more people tried Hawa’s sauce, many started to ask why they couldn’t buy it in a shop. That’s when Fula Flavour and Djembe Hot Sauce was brought to life.

The hot sauce is made with scotch bonnet chillies and spices. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Hawa learned how to make the sauce at a young age by helping her mother and grandma in the kitchen. She is now sharing this wonderful sauce with you and your family.

Why the name Fula Flavour

Hawa decided on the name ‘Fula Flavour’ as she wanted to focus on the flavour of the sauce rather than the heat; and for the ‘Djembe’ symbols as the Djembe drum played a huge part in her life when growing up in Guinea. She associates the Djembe with family times, moments of happiness, joy and sharing.

Why not try our food and you too will “Eat with that African Beat”.